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When we are first diagnosed with the coeliac disease or we are recommended for health reasons to follow a gluten-free diet, we feel that our diet is very limited, somewhat boring, like all the delicious treats we used to enjoy are forbidden and just thinking about eating out gets complicated, frustrating and even scary. 
Even though, here in London most places are incorporating gluten free options and vegetarian and vegan options to their menu, is still quite difficult to feel completely free and careless about what we order from the menu. There is not only the risk of cross contamination in the kitchen, but also, the little variety of dishes to choose from, when many of the signature and most exciting dishes are not part of the gluten free menu. It's easy to feel left out, anxious and thwarted, especially when going out with friends and seeing that everyone can enjoy freely without any kind of restrictions. You find yourself craving for all the things you know you cannot eat. 
Guasa also offers scrumptious starters and sides to accompany your arepa and they also serve the Arepa in a bowl, with all the ingredients aside for you to savour individually. Guasa is undoubtedly a fantastic option and a place that will become one of your favourites if you are a coeliac, following a gluten-free diet or even with no diet at all! it's undeniably good, delicious and irresistible! 
You can find Guasa London in Mercato Metropolitano, Old Spitafields Market and also Design District Canteen in north Greenwich. The staff are super friendly, smiley and also very kind, they are always happy to give recommendations and guide you if help is needed. Guasa participates in many wonderful summer London festivals and you can also enjoy any item from their delicious menu in the comfort of your own home, ordering take away, with delivery across the UK. 
Feel free once again when going out for a meal! we assure you that you'd want to try every single item from the menu, and instead of feeling frustrated and anxious, you will feel happy, free and immensely satisfied! 
This is Guasa. 
A place with a 100% Gluten-free menu, which not only offers healthy and fresh options, but also fun and exciting dishes and combinations of flavours isn't so easy to find... discovering Guasa London makes a coeliac forget about all the complications, restrictions, fears and frustrations. 
Guasa's menu is packed with amazing exotic and invigorating flavours to discover and choose from, it's absolutely delicious and irresistible, it leaves you craving for more without feeling not even a tiny feel guilty for enjoying so much your food! 
Guasa London truly has it all, it's fun, exciting, delicious and healthy without being boring. They really have the whole package! it's one of those places you just want to go over and over and over again, because it also makes you feel good! 
All made using only fresh ingredients, it's all prepared daily, and you can even be part of the experience and see how they cook the food right in front of you, which just adds more fun to it! 
Guasa's signature dish is the Arepa, a South American corn bun that's grilled, cut open just like a pocket and stuffed with wonderful combination of flavours and ingredients, just like shredded chicken, pulled pork, beef or vegan jackfruit, vegetables, cheese, fried plantain and more... 
The Arepa is 100% naturally gluten free, soft and tender on the inside and crispy on the outside, the smell of a fresh grilled arepa is so incredibly delicious that makes your mouth water from the very first time you hold it in your hands. Guasa arepa bun is made in the size of a burger and with all the stuffing is filling, delicious in every single bite and will leave you more than satisfied, with a happy tummy! craving to discover more amazing flavours. If you have never tried and arepa before you are surely missing out! it's a staple in countries like Venezuela and Colombia. 
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