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There seems to be this misconception that we cannot possibly eat out and stay within our balanced diet. If we arrange a meal with a friend or we decide to pick up some food on the way from work, we simply right the day off and call it a “cheat day.” However, there are healthy, indulgent, and balanced food options and this is what Guasa is all about. Read on to discover more about the healthy and tasty Venezuelan food options we serve up! 
Enjoy tasty, healthy food at one of our restaurants or from the 
the comfort of your own home 
At Guasa, you can either collect your meal, eat at one of our restaurants, or have your order delivered directly to your front door. After all, we all know there are nights when we cannot be bothered to cook or we fancy a treat! However, this does not mean you have to break your routine. You can enjoy tasty, healthy, fresh ingredients, which are 100 per cent gluten-free. 
Healthy ingredients and flavoursome dishes 
We pride ourselves on using fresh ingredients, and traditional, healthy cooking methods, which results in supreme flavour and a healthier end result. 
Our signature offering is our arepa buns. If you have never heard of arepa before, this is a type of food that is made from ground maize dough. It is a staple in Venezuelan culture. However, we have taken this dish to new heights here in London, offering an array of tasty, fresh, and 
modern fillings for you to enjoy. 
Our arepa bowls are a healthy yet delicious option 
If you would rather not have everything in the arepa, the arepa bowls on our menu are just what 
you need. You will enjoy a full plate of black beans, fried plantain, pico de gall, hot sauce, 
Guasa sauce, and the arepa on the side. 
Your choice of toppings includes teriyaki jackfruit, cheddar/llanero, roasted pork leg, buffalo 
beef, and shredded chicken. 
We’ve got a range of healthy starters for you to choose from as 
You don’t have to skip a starter when eating out anymore, as we have some healthy and delicious options available on our menu. 
Options include Tajadas, Pico de Gallo, Llanero, Guasacaca, and Arepa Buns. 
Don’t let the New Year, New You mean you can’t enjoy someone else’s cooking! Take the night off and enjoy high-quality, fresh, vibrant food, which won’t result on you piling on the extra pounds either. 
One of our most popular options is the Guasa Chicken Arepa Bun, which consists of Guasa sauce, fresh tomatoes, spring onions, shredded chicken, and tomato puree marinade. Delicious and healthy! 
If you’re looking for a vegan option, we are sure you will love our Vegan Jackfruit Arepa Bun, which is made of juicy teriyaki style jackfruit, with baked tomatoes, vegetables, toasted sesame seeds, and fine herbs. 
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