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It was the day after Jimi Hendrix died and 1,500 music lovers flocked to one of England’s most iconic fields with their £1 ticket for the first-ever Glastonbury festival. 
As undeniably great as the acts would have been, the only food options were ox roast and free milk from the farm. It is safe to say festival food options have come a long way… 
Today, music events boast dozens of vendors ready to re-energise exhausted boogiers. But how often do you see fresh, Gluten free, mouth-watering Venezuelan food amongst the greasy chips and pizza options? This summer, you’ll have the privilege of answering: all the time. In fact, if you plan on 
throwing on your dancing shoes and buying a ticket (that probably costs slightly more than £1) to any of these festivals, you will get to enjoy Guasa’s array of Arepas which are unrivalled in their deliciousness: 
Glastonbury: 22-26 June 
British summer time: 24 & 26 June 
El Dorado: 30 June - 3 July 
British summer time: 1-2 July 
British summer time: 8-10 July 
Primal Scream Ally Pally: 15 - 16 July 
Kaleidoscope, Fat Freddy, Jazz Festival Ally Pally: 22-24 July 
Truck Festival: 22-24 July 
Kendal Calling: 28-31 July 
Wilderness: 4-7 Aug 
BoardMasters: 10-14 Aug 
All Points East: 19-20 Aug 
Field Day: 20 Aug 
Lost Village Festival: 25-28 Aug 
All Points East: 25-28 Aug 
Sundown Music Festival: 2-4 Sep 
Our food vans were already a raging success at these 2022 festivals: Neighboorhood Weekender, Mighty Hoopla, Ally Pally Streat Life, Cross the Tracks, Cambridge Club Festival, Download Festival and Black Deer Festival. 
Why’s that, you ask? 
Well, there’s nothing not to love about our healthy, fresh and flavoursome Arepas. What’s more, there are multiple meat and veggie combinations to choose from. 
Guasa Chicken is packed with shredded chicken in a tomato pureé marinade, with Guasa sauce, spring onions and fresh tomatoes.  
The equally popular Buffalo Beef is made with a shredded buffalo 
beef bavette, grated cheddar, pico de gallo and gherkins.  
A crowd favourite, the Two Little Pigs, comes with roasted pork collar, crunchy pork crackling, grilled goats cheese and fresh coriander. 
Then we have the vegetarian Smoky Beans, which consists of – you guessed it – smoky black beans. It’s topped with delicious llanero cheese, pico de gallo and fried plantain. 
Last but not least, the 
Vegan Jackfruit overflows with the juicy goodness of teriyaki style jackfruit, complete with vegetables, baked tomatoes, fine herbs and toasted sesame seeds.  
There’s also combination of bowls and sides. 
The ease at which our perfectly bundled Aperas can be demolished will get you back to your favourite artist in no time – and the fresh ingredients won’t leave you too bloated to get front and centre of that mosh. 
There is a reason Guasa’s Arepas have been rated one of the best Latin street vendors in London and have been featured in the Times, Evening Standard, The Guardian, and the BBC. They’re the same reasons all the hottest music festivals want us on board. 
Get in touch if you are hosting a summer event and want to jump on the Guasa band wagon. After all, you’re only human. 
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