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Anyone fortunate enough to enjoy Guasa’s Arepas knows their mouth-watering deliciousness alone is enough to keep them coming back. But there is even more to love about the tender handmade buns than their huge variety of tasty flavours. 
That includes the fact that the corn-based dough is entirely Gluten-free. Some might wonder, is this really something to rave about? The answer is undeniable yes – for more reasons than one. 
But even those who can eat all the Gluten in existence without upsetting their stomach might be pleasantly surprised to learn that skipping the protein also has potential health benefits for the general population. One study in the US found up to 30 per cent of adults were trying to reduce or 
eliminate gluten from their diet, many of whom do not have celiac disease, due to supposed health kicks. The authors put this down to three reasons: a public perception that a gluten-free diet may improve nonspecific gastrointestinal symptoms, the increasing availability of gluten-free food and a growing number of people reporting they sit somewhere on the gluten sensitivity scale and feel better after cutting down the protein. 
Of course, we at Guasa are not doctors and are not pretending to be. How could we find the time to make such heavenly Venezuelan food AND be health experts? We encourage all Guasa-lovers Gl to consult a medical practitioner before making any long-term dietary changes. We are simply noting that Gluten-free eating is on the rise, and if you’re taking part in the trend, we have you covered. 
Social lives revolve around food and no-one is mad about that. But, unfortunately, research has found that about 21 per cent of people with celiac disease avoid events with their loved ones so they can stick to their gluten-free diet without any hassle or worry. 
Fear no more, gluten intolerant friends. Guasa is here to save the day (yet again). You can go to any Guasa restaurant and order whichever Arepas catch your eye with the relief of enjoying all of the Arepas with all the smugness of someone who has never had to answer “yes” to the question: “are there any dietary requirements we should be aware of?”. Say goodbye to the FOMO of watching your mates feast on anything and everything while you cautiously chew the one “Gluten-Free” item on the menu which may or may not still be contaminated with the protein. Say hello to dining bliss at its most convenient. 
After so much talk about an ingredient that our scrumptious Arepas don’t include, let’s remind you of the abundance of goodies they do boast. The fluffy, handmade, artisan, premium buns are grilled to perfection and packed with an array of meat, veggie or vegan options. From shredded chicken in a tomato pureé marinade to roasted pork collar with crunchy pork crackling to juicy teriyaki style jackfruit, your taste buds will be so immersed in the rich flavours, Gluten will be the last thing on 
your mind. 
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