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In the height of the pandemic, foodies who desperately missed their favourite restaurant’s meals while being confined to their homes found comfort in DIY kits. 
While we all hope lockdowns are a thing of the past, the DIY trends they fostered have remained popular - and for good reason. They’re convenient and creative, allowing you to not only consume the delicious end product but also feel the excitement of making it and learning the secret ingredients behind your taste buds' bliss. 
GUASA is no exception. Our DIY kits contain everything you need to bring Venezuela to your doorstep and create our full flavoursome experience in the comfort of your own kitchen. You can put together six of our staple meals: Buffalo Beef Arepa, GUASA Chicken Arepa, Two Little Pigs Arepa, Vegan Jackfruit Arepa, Smoky Beans Arepa, and Arepa Burger. 
The process couldn’t be easier: unbox, heat up, serve, fill and enjoy. 
Our GUASA Chicken Arepa kit is just one example of just how easy it is to make our mouthwatering recipes. It comes with gluten free Arepa buns, shredded chicken, mature cheddar, chopped tomatoes, GUASA avocado sauce, habanero hot sauce, fresh coriander, lime and greaseproof paper. All you need to do is heat up the chicken and the supplied beef bag, toast your Arepas until crunchy, cut them open and fill them up with Venezualan magic. Craving different meat? Our shredded beef in homemade buffalo sauce is equally tasty and simple to make. And if you can’t decide between our different Arepa fillings (we don’t blame you), our Real Deal Arepa kit lets you sample almost everything from our menu with minimal effort. 
When looking for a refreshing cocktail to wash down the tasty Arepas, our DIY kits have you covered. If you’re feeling sassy, throw together our Pink Mojito, made up of diplomatico planas rums, sugar, lime, mint and grapefruit soda. Time-savers can quickly create our Guava Daiquiris with diplomatico mantuano rum, guava mix and lime. And the most extravagant drinkers might opt for our Amazonian Gin Cocktails, containing Amazonian canaima gin, lime, grapefruit soda and red berry infusion. These DIY cocktail kits are entirely fuss-free, requiring no fancy cocktail tools. 
Just when you thought GUASA’s DIY kits couldn’t be better… We deliver nationwide and cater for a range of dietary requirements, including gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian. Orders received on or before midnight Tuesday will be delivered Thursday that week. Those placed after the cut off day will be delivered the following Thursday. Delivery times are 8am-8pm Thursday. So, what are you waiting for? 
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