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Introducing our monthly "Wild Card" in the month of Love. 
Just because we love surprises and to surprise you, Guasacaca will be offering a secret and exciting 'Wild Card' in its menu every month, starting this February. 
To celebrate the month of Love, we have created the wonderful Kuchi-Kuchi, a crunchy Arepa filled with the flaming flavours of Zesty Chorizo, Fresh Avocado, Habanero Chillies and Grilled Courgettes. 
We definitely love food and we genuinely believe that you will have a unique food experience and a very pleasant foodie breakfast/brunch/lunch/dinner time to fill up your belly. 
Our goal is to bring Arepas and Venezuelan Food to people from all around the globe. To accomplish this we have decided to include a series of Wild Cards to add some interesting, tasty and exciting new fillings for the Arepas that mix some flavours from all different continents. 
Starting now with our Arepa for All Lovers, Kuchi-Kuchi brings an ideal combination of spiciness from the Spanish Cured Chorizo and the flaming Habanero Chilli Sauce to add some freshness of the Sliced Avocado. Our chorizo is chopped and cooked with some fresh lime while is added the Grilled Courgettes seasoned with some Cayenne Pepper. You know this is going well... 
When this filling is ready and our Arepa is crunchy outside and fluffy inside we stuff it with it and add some fresh sliced avocado and top it up with some really really....really hot chillies.... 
We know we'll see you more often... ;) 
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