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We all know why rum is one of the most popular spirits in the world. It comes with a complexity of flavours - from caramel and vanilla to smoke and earth - an extremely smooth blending capability and a downright delicious taste. What’s more, it has no carbohydrates or fats. 
But why is Venezualan rum the cream of the crop? You only have to look behind the counter of most mainstream bars and clubs all over Europe to realise it is the continent’s choice. They know that it can be served as is or make for a range of tasty cocktails. That’s because the favourable climate and richness of Venezualan land foster an extraordinary sugar cane from which molasses with a higher concentration of fermentable sugars are extracted. It is even a protected designation of origin (DOC), basically meaning the EU and UK have acknowledged its worth protecting. 
At Guasa’s Venezualan Buns and Rum, you’re spoiled with choice for ways to enjoy the revered liquor. You can devour it straight as a shot, complete with an orange wedge + cinnamon, with cola, or in one of our popular Venezualan cocktails. 
We offer three taste-bud-exploding rums. Arguably the most famous of venezuelan rums, the 1 Diplomatico Mantuano (25ml, 40% vol) has been distilled since 1959. The beautiful dark-golden rum is known for its rich, sweet and fruity taste and has been aged up to eight years. Our 2 Santa Teresa Gran Reserva (25ml, 40% vol) is not far behind on the renowned scale. Aged in oak for up to five years, this fruity, woody rum will keep you going back for more. Last but definitely not least, our 3 Pampero Aniversario (25ml, 40% vol) is our most full-bodied and fruity rum. It has an incredibly smooth, even finish. Aged in whisky and bourbon barrels up to six years - what’s not to love? 
If one particular run takes your fancy but you are more of a cocktail drinker than a shot downer, you can choose your favourite liquor as the base for any of our exquisite cocktails: Guava Daiquiri, Pink Mojito and Dark + Stormy. 
The first is an exotic tropical take on the more common Strawberry Daiqiuri. Guava juice is deliciously sweet, often described as a mix between strawberry and pear. It’s served over crushed ice and made with 35ml of Diplomatico Mantuano, fresh lime juice, guava and cointreau. 
Pink is the new green when it comes to mojitos. It is slightly sweeter than its original sibling, but equally bright and complex. It’s minty, sour, fruity and bitter.. The killer taste bud explosion consists of 35ml of Santa Teresa Gran Reserva, mint leaves, sugar syrup, fresh lime juice and grapefruit soda. Of course, it’s served over crushed ice. 
Finally, our Dark + Stormy is a spectacular concoction to be enjoyed under rain or even sunshine, despite the name. It has 35ml of Pampero Aniversario, fentiman’s ginger beer, fresh lime, fresh ginger and plenty of ice - the definition of refreshing. 
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