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Pollo Enguayabao 
Crispy fried chicken drumsticks glazed in guava sauce, accompanied by our creamy blue cheese sauce. 
Allergens: eggs, dairy (blue cheese). 
Price: 11,50€ 
Nachos de plátano 
Fried plantain nachos with a mixture of gratin cheeses, smoked black beans and pico de gallo salad. 
Add beef, chicken or jackfruit. 
Allergens: dairy. 
Price: 9,90€ 
Bolitas de Maíz fritas con cerdo 
Delicious fried balls of cornmeal with pork served with coriander Alioli sauce. 
Allergens: egg (alioli). 
Price: 4,90€ 
Bolitas de maíz dulce y queso 
Delicious fried sweet corn balls with cheddar cheese served with guava sauce. 
Allergens: dairy. 
Price: 4,90€ 
Brochetas de plátano macho con salsa de papelón 
Skewers of mature plantain fried with grilled white cheese and gravy. 
Allergens: dairy. 
Price: 6,50€ 
Yuca frita 
Crispy cassava fries with Guasa sauce. 
Allergens: none. 
Price: 4,50€ 
Mazorca al grill 
Grilled corn cob covered with chipotle sauce and cheese. 
Allergens: eggs (chipotle sauce), dairy (cheese). 
Price: 4,90€ 
Bolitas de caraota 
Ideal for vegans. Crispy topped with roasted corn on the outside with a smooth filling of black bean puree  
Mashed black beans | Guasa sauce | Coriander alioli 
Allergens: eggs (alioli). 
Price: 4,90€ 
Tequeños with guava sauce (4 units). 
Allergens: gluten, dairy. 
Price: 6,00€ 
All our Arepas are accompanied by cassava fries, Guasa sauce and spicy sauce. 
Buffalo Beef 
Shredded beef in homemade buffalo sauce, mature cheddar cheese, pico de gallo salad and gherkins. 
Allergens: dairy (buffalo sauce). 
Price: 12,50€ 
Two Little Pigs 
The favorite in London. Delicious pork shoulder with caramelized onions, creamy goat cheese, crispy pork crackling and fresh coriander. 
Allergens: dairy (goat cheese). 
Price: 12,50€ 
Vegan Jackfruit 
Juicy teriyaki style jackfruit with vegetables and baked tomato with fine herbs. 
Allergens: sesame (topping), soy (teriyaki sauce). 
Price: 11,90€ 
Guasa Chicken 
Juicy stewed shredded chicken, fresh tomato and chives and our delicious Guasa avo sauce. 
Allergens: Gluten (onion topping). 
Price: 11,50€ 
Smoky Beans 
Smoked black beans with grandma's "Cheva's" recipe, grilled queso fresco, pico de gallo salad and fried plantains. 
Allergens: dairy. 
Price: 11,50€ 
BBQ Ribs 
Our favorite. Tender pork ribs baked home made BBQ sauce with crunchy coleslaw salad and sweet corn. 
Alérgenos: eggs, mustard (cabbage salad). 
Price: 12,50€ 
All our Arepizzas are GLUTEN FREE. 
Tropical Tan 
Slices of ripe plantain and grilled white cheese on cornmeal dough with tomato sauce and cheese. 
Allergens: dairy. 
Price: 10,50€ 
The Spaniard 
Serrano ham, arugula and tomatoes baked on cornmeal dough with tomato sauce and cheese. 
Allergens: dairy. 
Price: 10,50€ 
Chubby Farmer 
Artichoke, zucchini, bacon and sweet corn on cornmeal dough with tomato sauce and cheese. 
Allergens: dairy. 
Price: 10,50€ 
Black and Green 
Avocado cubes and smoked black bean puree balls on cornmeal dough with tomato sauce and cheese. 
Allergens: dairy. 
Price: 10,50€ 
All of our bowls come with a quinoa base, smoked black beans, pico de gallo salad, fried plantains + 1 small arepa. 
Beef with buffalo sauce | Shredded Chicken 
Pork Shoulder | Teriyaki Jackfruit  
Mixed cheeses 
Allergens: ask for information. 
Price: 12,50€ 
Tarta de parchita 
Passion fruit tart 
Price: 5,00€ 
Allergens: Gluten, egg, dairy. 
Chocolate Marquise 
Price: 5,00€ 
Allergens: Gluten, dairy, peanut. 
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