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Stop going for the same old tired buffet choices 

How many times have we been to a corporate event and picked up a stale sausage roll or an egg and cress sandwich from the buffet table? Yes, we are grateful for the free food, but it doesn’t exactly impress or cause any sort of excitement, does it? If you go for the same catering services as everyone else, you are missing out on an opportunity to wow your attendees. 
Instead, choose something different from the norm. You can put on themed food from a different country, for example. This does not mean you are going to alienate people - far from it! You can still put on vegan and gluten-free options, for example. 
However, by presenting a unique food choice, you get all of your guests talking, which is exactly what you want when putting on an event. Plus, you have gone the extra mile to make sure that all of your attendees are happy and receive something tasty and filling to eat. This will make a positive impression on everyone, showing that you are a business that is willing 
to go the extra mile. 

Try our arepas for your next corporate event 

As you can see, it certainly makes sense to think outside of the box when it comes to corporate catering. This is the best way to make a positive and lasting impression on everyone in attendance. Considering that, our arepas are exactly what you need for your next corporate event. Taking inspiration from Venzeleun cuisine, our arepas are tasty, fresh, and guaranteed to get all of your attendees talking about your event for the right reason. 
We have many different fillings for you to choose from, ensuring all tastes and dietary requirements are catered to, and all of our arepas are 100 per cent gluten-free. One of our most popular options is the Guasa Chicken Arepa Bun, which consists of shredded chicken, spring onions, fresh tomatoes, tomato puree marinade, and our delicious Guasa sauce. You can make sure your vegan audience is catered to as well with our Vegan Jackfruit Arepa Bun, which consists of juicy teriyaki style jackfruit, with toasted sesame seeds, vegetables, baked tomatoes, and fine herbs. 
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