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Guasa degustación 
Delicious fried arepitas accompanied by different toppings, yuquitas, and 2 sauces (Guasa and spicy Habanero). 
Allergens: dairy (cheese), egg, gluten (crispy onion).  
Price: 24,50€ 
Pollo Enguayabao 
Crispy fried chicken breast glazed in guava sauce, accompanied by our creamy blue cheese sauce. 
Allergens: eggs, dairy (blue cheese).  
Price: 11,50€ 
Nachos de plátano 
Fried plantain nachos with a mixture of gratin cheeses, smoked black beans, and pico de gallo salad. 
Add beef, chicken, or jackfruit for 1.9€ 
Allergens: dairy. 
Price: 11,90€ 
Bolitas de maíz dulce y queso 
Delicious fried sweet corn balls with cheddar cheese served with guava sauce. 
Allergens: dairy. 
Precio: 5,90€ 
Bolitas de caraotas 
Ideal for vegans. Crispy topped with roasted corn on the outside with a smooth filling of black bean puree 
Allergens: none. 
Price: 5,90€ 
Bolitas de maíz fritas con cerdo 
Delicious fried balls of cornmeal with pork served with coriander Alioli sauce. 
Allergens: egg (alioli). 
Price: 5,90€ 
Brochetas de plátano macho con salsa de papelón 
Skewers of mature plantain fried with grilled white cheese and sugar cane syrup. 
Allergens: dairy. 
Price: 6,50€ 
Yuca Frita 
Crispy cassava fries with Guasa sauce. 
Allergens: none. 
Price: 4,50€ 
Tequeños with guava sauce (5 units). 
Allergens: gluten, dairy. 
Price: 7,00€ 
Mazorca al grill 
Grilled corn cob covered with chipotle sauce and cheese. 
Allergens: eggs (chipotle sauce), dairy (cheese). 
Price: 5,90€ 
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